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Hello This Is A Test

Boredom opens my creativity door.  I never thought I would have never lasted this long with crocheting.  The internet has brought this craft back to life with the quickness.  Everyday I prowl my favorite social media to sites to see what people are posting.  There are some real talented people out there.

I can follow a pattern pretty well and I usually add my own touches to a pattern.  After making different typed items multiple times I decided to write my own pattern.  Since this was my first time with clothing I was a bit nervous.  When I make something I like items that are fast, simple and easy.  There are times when I do enjoy a challenge.

This was my challenge piece.  I wanted something with lots of row repeats, airy, and simple. Who would have thought a two rectangles could turn into a top, lol.  No increases or decreases were an added bonus for the novice crocheters.  Also, I didn’t want to be constricted to one type of yarn.  A different type of yarn can make an item look totally different.  Always remember to check the gauge when changing yarn, you may have to go up or down hook size.

Now the fun part, hello this is a test.   I formed a group Crochet Styles 4U Pattern Testers and went to work.  Believe it or not the first testers were picked by me for a reason.  Even before forming the group I asked and received some advice from my favorite crochet designer on pattern testing groups.  We all should applaud these designers because there are so many things that go into designing and testing a pattern.  You could lose your mind with all that you have to keep up with.

I want to give a big hug and thanks to the pattern testers.  Seeing something you have made in different yarn is amazing.    It definitely can be made longer or shorter in no time.  The side slit was made for ease of wearing.  Some testers used the foundation chain method.  Do what works best for you, that goes for hooks, yarn, gauge, and multiples.  It’s nothing wrong with tweaking a pattern but if you tweak it share what you have done with others.  That’s your vision and I can’t put your vision into my words.

Someone asked me would I do this again.  I had to think about it and follow my own advice.  I hope to have some pictures soon.

Happy Hooking!

Sleeveless Top



A link will be added once the testing is finished.

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