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Lazy Days of Summer

August is already here and school will be back in session after Labor Day.  The summer flew by for me.  I’ve been quite the little busy bee.  My interest has been all over in the crochet world.  I love seeing all the crochet dolls that have become popular.  I knew my attention span would not allow me to complete an actual doll but I dabble in it a little by making a Lovey.  This new generation is quite interesting.  I had to first understand what a Lovey was.  Once that was taken care of I knew I wanted something easy and simple.  Came across one on Redheart.

Cutie Elephant Blanket

I don’t what caught my attention, the baby or the elephant in the original photo.  Since I liked them both I gave it a try.

Elephant Lovey (1)

Elephant Loveyfinal

Next I wanted to make something that I would actually wear and use.  Make sure you stop by Cre8tion Crochet and check out all her lovely designs.  When I first got back into crocheting this was one of my favorite go to crochet blogs of all time.  I actually tested her Shawl We? Prayer Shawl.  It works up quickly and can be completed in a day.  My shawl was made with  I Love This Cotton yarn and it felt so soft running through my fingers.  Click here to go directly to Cre8tion Crochet Ravelry Store.

Summer Shawl by Crochet Styles 4U

Next is this very easy sleeveless top designed by yours truly.  Pattern coming soon as soon as other sizes are tested.   The color is actually orange and not red.

Sleeveless Top

Something else that I designed.  There is no pattern as of yet.

Mosaic Halter

Sleeves Are Optional

A sleeveless top I made over the weekend.  I need to sit still and get the pattern written and tested for this one also.

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