Crochet Coffee Cup Cozy Basics: Tips and Tricks

May venture out in the cozy world with this real easy pattern.

selling warmth

You are new to crocheting cup cozies. You’ve fallen in love with the designs you have seen and want to recreate them in your own fashion. However, there are some things you need to know before you begin scouring the internet for crochet cozy patterns. Fortunately for you, I am to provide some tips and tricks from misconceptions I have made myself!

First off, you want to make sure you crochet the initial chain semi-loosely. This means, you should be able to effortlessly crochet the hook through the chain in a manner that leaves enough room for the hook to slip through without touching the chain. This will come as an art form, because you will have to gauge it just right. Make the loops too large and the cozy could over stretch. Make them too small and the cozy will hug the cup/mason jar too tight. Don’t worry…

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