Crochet Challenge #1


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The first challenge will be a Braids & Cables Beanie and Cowl Set from MNE Crafts.

I like this because it’s a hat and cowl set.  I don’t find too many sets like this, so this is a good find.

I’m on a hat kick for now.

Photo from MNE Crafts Braids & Cables Beanie & Cowl Set

It looks like a rolled beanie, that’s good because I can do that.  Now the challenging part will be those cables.  That front and back post takes me for a loop every time.  Mine don’t seem to line up and I get confused  more often than I want to admit.

This looks like a nice weekend project to listen to movies all day long.

Make sure you stop by and visit MNE Craft.

Happy Hooking